OK 12.50

General description:

SFA/AWS A5.18                     ER70S-6
CSA W48                               ER49S-6
EN ISO 14341-A                    G3Si1
EN ISO 14341-A G 38 2 C     G3Si1 (varratfém)
EN ISO 14341-A G 42 4 M    G3Si1 (varratfém)

Copper-coated, ASC-coated, G3Si1 / ER70S-6 type
solid welding wire, unalloyed, light alloy and
Fine-grained structural steels, pressure vessels
and carbon steel hulls are a protective gas consumable
for arc welding up to 420 MPa. The welding wire
can be used with mixed and pure CO2 gas.


OK Aristorod 12.50 makes it easier to withstand copper-coated types to provide more stable arc and smaller splashing. These features are retained thanks to high current loads thanks to the ASC coating. The ASC coating also significantly reduces the wearing of wear parts.