OK 12.51

General description:

SFA/AWS A5.18 ER70S-6

EN ISO 14341-A G3Si1
EN ISO 14341-A G 38 2 C G3Si1 (varratfém)
EN ISO 14341-A G 42 4 M G3Si1 (varratfém)

Copper coated, G3Si1 / ER70S-6 solid
welding wire, unalloyed and poorly alloyed construction
steels are general purpose gas turbine consumables
arc welding. The welding wire is a mixture and pure CO2
can also be used with protective gas.


OK Autrod 12.51 is manufactured with a more stringent chemical composition than OK Autrod 12.56 to provide more reliable and more consistent mechanical and welding properties.