OK 46.16

General Description:
OK 46.16 is an all-round, all-positional rutile electrode for thin and medium-thick plates. Good striking and re-striking properties. A relatively thick coating makes the electrode weld quietly with little spatter. On AC it only needs 50 V open circuit voltage and is therefore ideal for small transformers.

Typical Application:
OK 46.16 is suitable for welding structures in thin and medium-thick plates. It is very easy to strike and re- strike and its running characteristics are good in the different positions, including vertical down. OK 46.16 welds relatively cold and can therefore be used for bridging fairly large gaps. It produces less spatter than most other rutile electrodes. The slag is easy to remove and the weld bead is smooth and even. OK 46.16 is recommended for depositing the root run in prepared joints, for tack welding and for general site welding. It is recommended for welding standard ship’s plate of A and D quality.

Electrode paratemeters
Diameter (mm)Lenght (mm)Amperage (A)Weight/pack (kg)