OK 68.81

General description:

EN 1600                               E 29 9 R 32

AWS A-5.4                           E312-17

Rutil-acid-coated 29Cr9Ni welding electrode for welding austenitic ferrite (duplex) corrosion-resistant steels. Excellent for welding steels, mixed joints and steel castings of unknown composition.

It can also be used to apply surfaces of less hardness (welded seam hardness: 220-240 HV) such as gear teeth, cold forming tools and high carbon steel tool steels as well as rails, rollers, forks, hot forming and plastic press tools as pillow layers. The seam is additionally resistant to stress corrosion, highly insensitive to the effects of mixing with the raw material and resistant to temperatures up to 1150 ° C.