OK 92.58

General description:
EN ISO 1071             
E C NiFe-Cl-A 1
AWS A-5.15

Nickel-iron base high-carbon base coated
welding electrode cast iron (cast iron, soft iron, malleable cast iron)
for coiled electrodes for manual arc welding. These cast iron repairs as well
  can also be used for welding to steel as a mixed bond. The seam
can be made cold (without preheating) or semi-hot (~ 250 ° C
preheating) technology. Saw metal can be easily machined, but
more solid and hot cracking less sensitive than pure nickel
electrode (OK 92.18). That's why it is very difficult
welded cast iron for welding, such as high
sulfur or phosphorous gray castings.

It can be used for welding gray, ductile and modified cast iron. Additional Applications:
- motorbeds,
- engine blocks,
- pumps,
- gearboxes,
- casting defects, correction of machining errors.

The electrode is also well suited for:
- bond casting of cast iron
- welding of casting defects
- repair broken pieces
- filling missing volumes or correcting machining errors.